This is how Individlabs work

Individlabs specializes in user behavior on the internet.
We provide a number of tools to make your services, apps, web-pages more accurate towards your users.
Just think for a while. You are writing the same material to all of the users, not taking in to account if they are

We believe that the future of the web is going to look very different. We believe that the future of the web is personalized and we are focused on providing the tools to streamline the personalised version of it.

Id card

Discover your users

  • User choice
  • User location
  • User age
  • User behavior (impulsive, details focused etc)
  • Male or female
  • Computer knowledge

Interact with your users

  • Match users-to-users in personality similarity
  • Use our prediction tool to give user choices based on similarities in user behavior
  • Present ads, text, landing pages and more based on age, personality traits or behavior