The machine that knows you!

It all started about 2 years ago, we had been working on a lot of products and services and have struggled a lot with making web-services and apps that should fit diffrent users needs.

So we started thinking, what if you could design a machine that would analyize the behaviour of a visitor and create a profile of that user that is unique to that user. You than would hav a very powerful way of communicating with a person without knowing them personally.

It would be like having a layer on the web that personalized every interaction. This idear has really grown on us and we are know, after 2 years of gathering of data and testing at a point where we reliably can categorize people from their behaviour.

Online fingerprint

All your geastures and activities on a webpage can be put together with big data to a digital fingerprint of who you are. Not only that, but it can also be used to match you with other people. You se, people that behave alike also likes similar things.

We are really soon going to launch, our first "proof-of-concept" to our technology. Here you will be fed news based on your behaviour. We are also looking for the next pilot cutomer to use our technology in their system.


If you would like to discuss any cooporation possibilities, send us an email at (we loove coffe!)